Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Of Zombies & Life

The other day as I sat watching Zombieland, yet another zombie movie, albeit a funny one, I suddenly felt very amused with our love for zombie movies. And by us, I mean all humankind of course, because we just love to generalize, don’t we?

There’s something so captivating about seeing the hero and his family run all over the world from the drooling bleeding brain-dead zombies, while everyone around them is devoured and turned (like EVERY zombie movie ever made).

And it’s so so ironic.

Because the real zombies sit outside the TV screen, captivated by this weird brain dead species, when really their brains died years ago without them ever realizing it.

The real zombies wake up every day, go slog at work, come back home, eat and sleep.
The real zombies manage to not even write a decent blog post in months, because they’re just too exhausted to do anything.
The real zombies crib, and then wake up and do the exact same thing all over again.
The real zombies spend their weekend sleeping, or glued to the idiot box, laughing at what they think are zombies.

While really, the joke’s on them now, isn’t it?

And it’s so sad, because at least in the movie, the hero survives and manages to finally find a cure to save the remaining world. Or a way to survive without giving in. A way to live.

And I’d kind of always hoped I’d be that hero.

But then, this is real life.

And here I sit, staring at my excel sheet, dreading the two hour traffic ridden route back home, hopelessly trying to write, and cribbing.



  1. isn't this your attempt to 'live'...

    By writing, by dreaming,by thinking!!

    Every trip that you do, every new place that you travel, you Un-zombie yourself!!

    1. One trip, and we convince ourselves that life is good. Is it worth it to kill yourself 350 days of the year for 2 weeks of unzombieing? I think I need more. This can't be the only way. I think I want to live, and not just attempt to.

    2. I know you might have heard this too many times, and is one of those easier said than done things, but maybe you need a change? And like you said, not a short break. A more substantial change. The crazy stuff that people in movies do. Quit job. Change cities. Travel. Write. Drink some wine. Let out your foodieness. Meet new people. Climb a mountain. Have some babies (no idea why I added that to this list!). Whatever floats your boat.

    3. How do the crazy people finance this stuff? You know, the travel, the sitting at home writing, the wine?? Or afford babies? (Really?! :p)

    4. Hehe... Well, dunno about babies, but the rest can be done on a budget. Do some freelancing that lets you work from home and gives you time for yourself. Go backpacking in the north east. And maybe replace wine for old monk :P

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