Friday, May 17, 2013


So there are good days. And bad days.

And then there are days like these, where shit just blows all over the place.

When you realize you’re short tempered, but you just don’t know why.

When you have the longest to-do list of your life, and never get past the first tick.

When you wait for your mood to get better, so you can come back to your blog with a happy or funny post. And then you realize it’s been 2 months since your last post, and your mood seems nowhere close to a bloggable mood.

When you realize everyone you’ve ever made fun of in your life for being brainless, is at a better place than you today.

When you take a phone call all excited, only to end up feeling like someone reached inside and wrenched your guts out.

When you realize you were stupid enough to delete 9 years worth of blog pics and realize it only weeks later, while randomly opening your blog. Did you know your picasa album is linked to your blog, and not just a backup of it? Did you also know your picasa web album has no bloody backup?! Oh, you did? So I’m the only idiot who didn’t? Wow. Awesome.

And surprisingly, none of this has to do with my current place of work. Isn’t it funny, how you haven’t heard me really cribbing about it much on this forum. The truth is, I love my work and colleagues, it truly is one of the happiest places to work.

Heh. Right. Like you believed that.

My office has an extremely strict social media policy, and any details would actually render me jobless.


P.S. Yes, this is a pessimistic annoying post, I can actually imagine some of you (and you know who you are!!) rolling your eyes and shaking your heads. But before you pick up your phone to message me, that you disapprove of my whole cynical pessimistic outlook on life, read the next line carefully. I DON’T CARE!

P.P.S. I figured even a bad post is good enough to get out of the mind freeze that has happened lately. I do promise to come back with some 55-fiction (gruesome ones of course), and maybe something funny. Hopefully.


  1. *Rolling my eyes and shaking my head*

    And no...not messaging your or anything.. :P

  2. Not rolling my eyes or shaking my head. Because I have been there and done that :) I know how it feels. Come on, life goes on irrespective of how we feel. This too shall pass!

    Until later,
    Keirthana :)


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