Monday, December 16, 2013


She sat in a corner
World undone
A tear, a wound
A story told wrong.

He picked her up
Scarred, unpolished
Hiding from the world
Emotion, abolished.

Together, they grew
Different as they were
Thorns and roses
Entwined, apart.

In him she saw hope
Of redemption, of life
In her he saw his dreams
His reason, his life.

She knew not how to thank him
For words never sufficed
How he fought and rescued
Her, from plight.

For their love abounded
In the bleakest of moments
With kindness and hope
Their life, rebreathed.

 When hope was but a flicker
And forever after a dream
Fate & destiny smiled together
For what they, meant to be.

P.S. Thank you for entering my life, A, and for never giving up on me.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Exasperated, she stood next to more than a dozen empty auto-rickshaws and tried to flag down yet another one unsuccessfully, screaming out her destination. The rickshaw-wala slowed down near her, then looked at her with disgust, muttering at the waste of his ten seconds spent listening to her useless destination, and was about to speed off when with a quiet thump, he slumped down in his seat, motionless.

“Sorry. I guess I just don’t take rejection too well.”

And with that, she dragged the rickshaw with the limp bloody body near the others, and stood again to flag down the next one.

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