Monday, January 27, 2014

Band Baaja Baa...!!!!

I cannot believe it. This writer’s block seems to have absolutely no mood to go away. And it’s driving me insane. Insane enough that I didn’t even do the annual tradition of a recap. Like. Bloody hell.

And I’m trying right now, again, and failing rather miserably. So here I’ll go back to my best friend as always, my sweetheart bullet points, in the hope that some other day, the words will flow more easily.
  • So I got engaged, actually, to be technically correct, rokaoed (?!). I’ll actually be engaged two days before the actual wedding. So I get to be a fiancĂ©e with a ring and all that for all of 1.5 days of my life. Woohoo!!
  • Here’s proof for all you non-believers (Hmph! But I’m quite amused at the large numbers out there!!):
As long as you count having laddoos proof...
  • I’m getting married in exactly two weeks from today (wait…wha!!!!)
  • I’ll be wearing pink. (WHA…!!!!!)
  • My grand mom called my lovingly bought engagement ring a steel ka patta. That should totally be the next tag line for all Platinum Love Bands advertising.
  • I just learnt, that there IS such a thing as too much shopping. It’s what happens before your wedding. And reflects in your credit card bill.
  • I can never NEVER understand the marriage jokes that aunties crack. I guess they’re trying to tease me. But it just makes absolutely no sense to me, whatsoever. So I try to muster the best shy smile I can. It would be a safe assumption that I fail miserably at it nine out of ten times.
  • I think I’ve covered all moods and reactions from annoyance to nonchalance to absolute cheesy in the last few months. And you thought I couldn’t emote, heh.
  • I’m super duper looking forward to warm beaches and personal pools coming up very very soon!
  • I’ve also lately started feeling a tinge of sadness, which goes way beyond a tinge on most days. That feeling of leaving home (though am already in another city), but just the thought of knowing that things will never be the same again. And surprised as I am to say this, I think I might just need waterproof make up on the big day.
  • Oh God, make-up, Ugh.
  • Oh and in 2.5 months in Mumbai, I lived in 4 different locations, had an abusive and I’m somewhat sure mentally disturbed room-mate, converted a friend’s girlfriend into a friend (proudly so!), got to know an old friend so so SO much better AND knocked off another item from my wish-list!
  • Oh, and somewhere along the way actively contributed to killing over 6 mice (though one kinda committed suicide) and digging out I have no idea how many dead mice babies. I am proud to say I have absolutely no regrets. 
Let's hope the next post is more coherent. Not sure if it's going to be from the other side. Oh yes, it feels like the other side. 

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