Sunday, June 25, 2017


5 AM.
Rubbing her eyes, she opened the door to absolute chaos outside. All she could see were heads of people, half of them in uniform.
She looked at the cop staring quizzically at her. “What’s going on?”
“Ma’am, the CCTV shows that your neighbor came over to your house last night. What did she want?”
“Err… ya… a matchbox, I think.”
“What for?”
She looked at the cop, evaluating how much to tell him.
“Can I know what’s going on?”
“Sure, but what did she need the matchbox for? Did she tell you? You were good friends I’ve heard”
“Well… She’d found Sid… I mean her boyfriend cheating on her… I think she wanted to burn some of his clothes in anger.”
“And you didn’t find that weird?”
“Well… it’s just a silly girly ritual we sometimes did… I didn’t think that’s a big deal. What’s happening? Is she hurt?”
“No Ma’am… so she burnt his clothes last night?”
Exasperated, she pushed past the cop towards the door across the hall. “I don’t understand. Did he complain to the cops about her burning his clothes? That’s ridiculous!”
As she made her way past the crowd, she gasped at the sight in front of her.
“No Ma’am, he didn’t complain about his clothes. It’s just that he was still in them.”

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