Thursday, February 26, 2015

Of feminists and Idiots

As I write this, I am seething. And that is probably not the best mood to be writing in. Or maybe it is. Because you see, I’m not the beyond-anger-type-irrational seething. I haven’t felt this calm in ages. And I’m seething.

Because this topic keeps coming up, and somehow has come up a few too many times recently. I’ve written on it before, and yet, here I find myself writing all over again. Because you see, a gazillion posts wouldn’t be enough on this topic.

I’m so tired of this debate, of people debating without a single clue in the world, of everyone having to take one side or the other, of people pointing fingers, and saying in almost a disgusting way, feminist.

When the hell did this become a bad thing? When did this become something to be ashamed of? When did this become an insult?
Maybe it’s time to take a step back, and think, why this is being said.
I’m not really sure people know what feminism is. I’m definitely no expert on the matter, but these are my views.

Feminism is not the same as being anti-men.
It isn’t about jumping and pointing fingers at all men around you.
It isn’t about proving that women are better than men.
It’s about equality.
It’s about being given a choice.
Feminists don’t judge women for being a housewife and raising kids. As long as they choose to.
They don’t say you shouldn’t let men wipe you off your feet. As long as that’s what you like.
And it definitely doesn’t tell you that you deserve a seat on a bus more than a man, it just says you have an equal right to it.
It doesn’t look down on chivalry, on homemakers, on the gender, on ANY gender.
It simply fights for you to have a choice.
An equal choice.

And then people say things like, “Arre, you toh will bring your feminist crap into this discussion.”

And then, at that moment, more than anything, I feel like punching you.
Not because you’re a man. Or a woman.
Simply because you don’t understand.

Feminism isn’t just for me. Or just for women. It’s for every bloody human being on this planet.
And if you think otherwise.

You really really just don’t understand.

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