Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Why Mondays Officially Suck

Well, because they do.

And because you’re perpetually hung-over from the weekend. Even though you actually just use the term to sound cool, because in reality you were in bed all weekend, and are simply hung-over from the fact that your muscles had been out of practice and it was just plain difficult to move your fat ass early Monday morning.

Also because you have a hectic and tense work day ahead, except you’re the only one who seems to take it seriously enough to get some work done. And hence there’s no work done.

Also because your land lady decides that the middle of Monday is the best time to go register your lease in the far end of the world. And so you take a half day and head to the far end of the world. And then she decides to not turn up. She also informs you that she will not be turning up the next day, because well, it’s a New Moon day. (At this point I was kind of thinking werewolves and the demure Twilight-y Bella Swan, but something just didn’t fit. Ya, I know. I’m obsessed.) She was also kind enough to say that since Navratri’s coming up, that might be a good time to register. Might.

And then Mondays the day you curiously fall ill in the middle of the day and just can’t figure out what happened.

Monday’s also the day your Blackberry decides to surprise you and starts a little game of hide and seek. This is how it goes: It hides its messenger service, frankly, the one reason you purchased the damned thing to begin with, and you spend the rest of your life seeking it and trying to download a newer version. No, I’m not making this up. My BBM literally just got fed up and disappeared from the face of this planet, or the face of my phone at least. More on that if and when I figure it out.

Mondays suck because you decide to order from Mc Donalds for once, and you realize that unless you follow their happy price menu, your bill happens to be not-so-happiness-inducing.

This is also somewhere around the time when you realize that you have enough expenses coming up to eat into your measly savings, and you start wondering whether there’s still time to ditch the Mooney landlady and head to some homeless shelter with a lower rent.

Monday’s also the day right before Tuesday, which somehow promises to be none-the-better. Because Tuesday is hung-over from Monday and all that went wrong on the fateful day.
Plus, it’s New Moon tomorrow, remember?
And Robert Pattinson, really?!

P.S. But as all my posts recently go, there always is a happy ending. There’s a hug, there’s a song, there’s Simpsons, there’s a lot of food, there’s laughter, and there’s simple happiness. I know, happy me is just plain annoying isn’t it? It’s funny, I think I was a better writer when I was frustrated and sad, wittier too. But frankly my dear, I wouldn’t trade back to what I was even if you offered to hand me the freakin’ Pulitzer Prize!


  1. It might be just me but I always dislike Wednesdays more than any other day of the working week. Some Mondays I can still get my spirit up, especially if I've had a good weekend, and get that "I'll be productive! I'll make sure I have a decent week this week!" feel on. Wednesdays are what really sap my spirit, sigh.

  2. Aah yes, that middle of the week day, which feels strangely like Friday...but isn't.


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