Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Home Alone?

At last...

So some time, actually quite a long while ago, when I was still a stupid dreamy eyed girl who thought her life was just starting and all that crap, I had written about why everyone must move out of their homes and live alone at least once in their lives.

Well, I do still agree with most of those points. The only difference is, I didn’t realize until very recently that I wasn’t actually living alone at all. Because throughout my two years in Mumbai, I always had a room / flat mate living with me. And even if you aren’t the biggest of chaddhi-buddys, you always do feel their presence around, and behave yourself, because they can walk in at absolutely any moment.

Now as it turns out, for this whole month, I’ve actually been alone. My flat mate moved out, and I got one month of complete alone time. Yup, living alone in a 2bhk in Mumbai. Yes, I completely feel like a multi-millionaire in this city right now. No, seriously. Do you have any clue how freaking high the rents are in this place???

And so, on Day 1 of being Goddess of a 2bhk, I woke up to an extremely empty flat, and it felt really really weird.

I walked around, expecting to hear my flatmate practicing her opera exercises, or bump into her sleepy boyfriend in his underwear….but nothing. It was empty.

And then the exhilaration hit me.

I was alone, and I could do anything.

So I sat down, and thought really hard. What do people who live all by themselves do? What can I do?

Switch on MTV and dance like a maniac across the house.
Oh, but my flatmate took our TV. Damn.

Walk around naked.
Whoa, that’s something I had definitely never ever done before. So I quickly stripped. And just as I was about to step out of my room, I remembered, the curtains in the hall were my flatmate’s as well.


Fine, so I’ll cook.
She took my utensils with her by mistake.

No plates, no spoons.

Now, I just wanted to crib about being annoyed.
No flat mate.


Well, if you still want to believe that living alone is a must, a simple update…in the last one month, the flushes of both my washrooms have malfunctioned, the thermostat on my fridge has stopped functioning (which, by the way, I only figured out after a curious case of an egg that would refuse to crack however hard I might hit it), and I have managed to miss all my couriers, because they only come while I’m in office, and refuse to leave anything with the guard.

On the other hand, I moved furniture around, got some utensils, made my favourite stuff, had more storage space than ever before, and alternated which bathroom I felt like using. AND borrowed an i-pod and speakers to dance to.

AND most importantly, got some curtains!

Like a queen, y’all!

P.S. I know this is one of those stupidly incoherent posts. It’s my last week here and I’m burdened with enough work to kill a human being. I’m also determined to do none of it.

P.P.S. I just realized the above sentence makes no sense because I never said anything about going anywhere. Okay, next post is gonna have the big news in that case!!!


  1. @Vikram - I'm learning to..slowly but steadily :)

  2. Yay! You're lucky!

    I've always wanted to live alone. But I'll have to wait a couple years, since I'm 16 right now.

    Enjoyyy it!

  3. @Kiara - Believe me, I'm pining for my teenage years right now...I guess none of us are ever truly satisfied with our age and living conditions ;)

  4. When I was in my teens, sometimes my parents used to go somewhere and I used to be all alone at home for the whole day and boy ! I used to love that experience....ha ha...Waiting for that big news on your next post

  5. I think staying alone for a while seems okay but then to have company is something else altogether. I don't think I could go the 'alone way' ever :P

  6. Living alone is awesome. The only caveat is that you get used to it too quickly.

  7. *loud applause*

    Same story - pretty much the same characters - roommate's dumb girlfriend gave us company.

    And what is with the people asking if one walks around naked when one lives alone? I`ve been asked that a million times already.

    Living alone is awesome; if it still isn't; then its bound to get awesome soon - take my word for it.

    Cheers :)

  8. and my blog is called....

  9. @Jaish_vats - I know...I used to feel so big and grown up then! Of course I never had to worry about plumbers and electricians at the time :)

    @Confused Soul - I know what you mean...I'm not sure how much of just myself I can take either. There are days when you come back from a bad office day...and you just need someone to talk to!!!

    @Anonymous - Also true. In a weird sad way.

    @Atrocious Scribblings - But the question is...did you walk around naked?!! :D It's not even possible in Mumbai houses, I tell you. I shall never understand the joy!

    @Rohu - So true!

  10. its got its ups n downs... the solitude can b felt as freedom or loneliness depending on which side u choose to see.. me, i enjoy it :)

  11. @ Dr Roshan - True that!! But being able to choose the better side is an art in itself :)


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