Monday, June 11, 2012

30 Lil Joys of Life

I have spent more than my share of time cribbing and making myself simply miserable. Somewhere along the way, you’re so consumed with your own troubles and sadness, you fail to register the simple pleasures of life. You experience it, as a part of your daily life, you maybe smile or sigh in relief, but at the end of the day you don’t even remember it.

Until one epitome-of-your-miserableness type day, you sit down, and actually think about it. For me it started with a link shared by a cousin. And it got me thinking.

What are the little pleasures of life?

  1. Full fat butter on a steaming hot toast
  2. That last mug of hot water in the bath on a freezing Delhi morning
  3. That good ol’ oil champi by your mum / dad  / extremely generous friend
  4. The smell of the first drops of rain on parched land
  5. A hug
  6. An unexpected message from that someone special
  7. An unexpected day off
  8. Those five minutes between simultaneous snooze alarms
  9. A night of uninterrupted sleep
  10. Hot jalebis / samosas / pakodas on a very dark and rainy day
  11. The perfectly blended cheese-biscuit ratio of a Philadelphia cheesecake
  12. Waking up on a Saturday morning only to realize you can go right back to sleep
  13. Waking up in the middle of a nice dream, and dozing off again simply to continue with the dream just where you left off
  14. Waking up and realising life is nicer than your dream
  15. Figuring out a completely new MS Excel formula (C’mon, this is my list…you really expected it to be over without an excel point?!)
  16. Going through an entire perfectly normal day without any mishap
  17. A spot of shade on an exceptionally sunny day
  18. That first cold splash into the swimming pool
  19. Finding a pair of shoes that fit…perfectly
  20. Finding a long lost piece of clothing at the back of your cupboard
  21. A hot water bottle on a freezing day
  22. Bouncing on an overly-springy bed
  23. Writing on the first page of a brand new notebook
  24. Receiving a compliment after a new haircut
  25. Waking up the morning after a haircut, and liking your weird hair even more
  26. Putting that last tick on your long-pending to-do list
  27. Getting to the TV remote before anyone else
  28. Waking up to nostalgia with a Facebook tag of a really old school photograph
  29. Getting an auto-rickshaw on your first try
  30. Tasting the residual of thick chocolate syrup at the end of your Hot Chocolate

This, of course, is my list. And even as I am typing this, there are so many more I can think of. Take some time, and think. What brings you joy?


  1. 3
    17, 17
    23, 23, 23

    now to add some:
    -Browsing through images of out of the world dessert on a packed day at work.
    -Getting that 'special' peck on the forehead when sick.
    -Midnight coffee/icecream
    -discovering a beautiful poem by chance.
    -taking up a DIY project and it turning out better than you expected.
    -fudge, fudge, fudge.

  2. Also,

    1. Reading a personal email from a near or dear one first thing in the morning.

    2. Closing eyes and taking in the flavor of the last bar of chocolate as it spreads inch by inch down your throat.

    I loved the excel formula pointer, would love if something of the sort happened to me as I`m swamped with excel sheets of late .

    I know I`ve said this before, but your lists make me happy :P.

    Cheers :)

  3. lovely post!!

    isnt it these little things tht bring joy in life?

  4. Hi

    Loved that list ESP the excel formula and the last mug of hot water during bath .

    Solving a sudoku puzzle
    Wearing a new dress and feeling fresh
    Smell of incense at the temple when the bells ring
    Accidentally meeting people you knew long ago

    Are some things I can think of now :)

  5. @Amropali - Midnight ice cream!! did I not remember that?! Or ice cream on a really chilly day! Or ice cream anytime, anywhere!! :)

    @Atrocious Scribblings - Hehehe...thank you...that encourages me to go on writing in bullet points!! :D

    @SJ - True..if only we realise it and appreciate it more!!! :)

    @Jaish_vats - For anti social me...accidentally meeting people is probably a negative thing...but the new dress...that I completely agree with!!! :)

  6. Wow.. that was a lovely post that brought a box full of everyday pleasures. Those tiny little things that bring a smile in our face. Beautifully written.

  7. @Raj - Thanks so much for stopping by! I realised they bring a smile to my face retrospectively, because I dont even notice them on a daily basis. But we should! :)

  8. @Phatichar - good to know I have company in my weirdness!!! :)

  9. Shit, how on earth did I miss no. 4 (pun unintended though) :P

  10. @Phatichar - Hehehee...pun indeed!!! Ab jaldi se put up next part of your story! Am literally checking your blog every few hours to see how it concludes!!!!

    1. Filhaal to story ka maha anti climax ho gaya, as ud know by now...will put it up shortly tho :)

  11. A lot from your list and many more. And you are right Shreya we spend so much time cribbing that we miss the small pleasures of life. Thanks for reminding us.:)

  12. Hey, I've sort of learned the hard way that you can't expect miracles to happen daily and sweep you off your feet, maybe that's why we'll always need to seek happiness in the little things. Loved this post. :)

  13. @Saru - :) Thanks so much for stopping by!!!

    @Rahul - Thanks a ton! And I hate learning the hard way...but there really isn't too much of a choice only! :)


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