Friday, January 13, 2012

Of Lost Siblings and the Time-Speed Formula

Considering that one of my new year’s resolution was to pay even more attention to writing, it is only rather obvious and predictable that this is when my Writer’s Block will choose to hit, and my blog will end up with a more than a week’s worth of silence.

So as it turns out, at this moment, I do not have one single cohesive thread of thought to string together a blog post. So honey, strap on your seatbelt, you’re headed for a lot of random crap.

Time to go Bananas!! Apparently.

Well to begin with, I finally managed to meet my long-lost-cousin last week. Not that she was lost. She’s just been all over the place. Dehradun>Bangalore>Kuwait>Bangalore>Toronto. But I actually managed to meet her enough times then. Until she recently (and by recently, I mean like a year back) moved to Mumbai. And that’s when she became my long lost cousin. Like, seriously, who in their sane minds would ever even try to get off at the Dadar station?!

And speaking of stations in Mumbai….well..this para can literally be about any of the gazillion local train complaints I have actually, but I will settle in on one. Which surprisingly came out of my conversation with my now-found-previously-long-lost-cousin. Because she asked innocently, why do they say life in Mumbai is ‘fast’? I thought about it for a second. What was fast supposed to mean anyway? The speed with which we eat our food? The speed of my speech? Us little girls from Delhi? Hmm…and then it hit me. It’s the damned speed at which everyone walks here.

It’s bloody annoying. At the station, at any point of time during the day, everyone, and I mean everyone, is running. Where? And for what joy?! Is it possible that every person in a one mile radius is actually running late? Missing their train? Needs to pee? Need to reach home and cook food? Every day? All the time?

And like the infamous rat race, you don’t have a choice but to run or be left behind. Or in this case, get trampled to death. And while I run and compete as well, nobody seems to have an answer to my question, “Why you run man?”

Among other things, trains give me time to actually catch up on some reading, and that’s good. I finished one awesome book last week. And then for some light reading picked up Dork, by Sidin Vadukut. Given that I am absolutely in love with his blog, I can’t stop tearing my hair out at the highly predictable and trying-too-hard to be funny bits in the book. Oh well.

Hmm…so in one post, I’ve probably offended all Mumbai-lovers, Delhi girls, and a columnist who may have one day fallen in love with this blog and given me my very own Carrie Bradshaw-ish column. So I guess my work for the day is done.

On an absolutely awesome note, I might just be ticking Goa off my wish-list next week, so woohoooooo!!!!!!

P.S. Would you read my very own sex-and-the-city column?! Now that’s a thought!


  1. Finally a Delhiite understood the pain and suffering we here in Mumbai go through..

    BTW how are you?


  2. @Chirag - Delhiites have their own blue-line-bus and disgusting men issues, so no competition, really.

    I'm good. How are you doing?


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