Thursday, May 30, 2013

That Awkward Moment...

You know something isn’t quite right, when your life is made up of a few too many of these!

That awkward moment…

When you realize your pink shirt is identical to that of your male senior’s.

When you feel uncomfortable with someone staring at you, and realize it’s probably because you were staring at them.

When your colleagues are making fun of blogs, and you’re left wondering if they know you have one too.

When you laughingly call someone you dislike baldie, and then notice the receding hairline of your audience.

When your drunk friend tells your CA boss, just how much you detest CAs.

When you send a bitchy text mistakenly to the person you were bitching about.

When you realize all you dislike are currently in your dream company and job.

When you wear heels to an office without carpeting, and sound like a carpenter went to town on the floors.

When the two people your parents find on marriage portals are people you knew already.

When your glass of unfinished and leaking Pepsi gets wedged between a stranger’s back and seat, while emptying your food tray at McDonalds.

When you realize you have no truly satisfactory answer to “Why did you join this company?!”

When someone you constantly ignore, asks you why you won’t accept their FB request.

When you realize you grew up without a pimple on your face, and suddenly now, at the time of your quarter life crisis, can play connect the dots on your cheeks.

When you realize you’re the only one who has no clue what the songs and dialogues of Janasheen were.

When autocorrect turns ‘Prem Aggan’ to ‘Premium Aggan’

When you tell a musician you’re indifferent to music.

When you’re constantly kicking the table leg while thinking, and realize it’s not the table.

When you realize, that life itself seems to be turning into one big awkward moment.


  1. Yeah, these awkward moments keep cropping up at most disturbing of times. Wait - isn't that their definition?
    Good read! :D

  2. Good read, Life and Mr.Murphy have a deal and they throw such awkward moments into our lives so that they can have a good show! We need to learn to live with these :P

    Until later,
    Keirthana :)

  3. Aiyo!

    You need a break. Chhod do sab aur chalo mere saath Ladakh.

  4. :) good read. Also checking if i can comment.

  5. Ha, these awkward moments felt familiar! :D Brought back memories :) Good one..

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