Tuesday, April 28, 2015


She woke up with a start, in exactly the same way she had each night recently. 

As her eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness, she became faintly aware of a sticky weight on her waist. And then she felt it, the rough hand resting against her skin, the owner blissfully asleep, unaware of the torment building at his touch. She gingerly lifted his arm and slipped out from under it. Grabbing her dress off the floor, she quickly tip toed out of the unknown room, making sure not to turn and see his face. 
Another day. 
Another man. 
Another instance of clouded judgment.
Taking a deep breath, she walked out into the starry night.

This post is part of the A Word A Week Challenge.(Week 1: Cloud)


  1. Interesting.... Still wondering whether the sleeping part was clouded judgment or the walking away part was!!

    1. That's an interesting take on it! But we'll never know, now, would we? :)

  2. Nice suspense you have built with the clouded judgement...

  3. That was short and wonderful (:

    1. Thank you Anakha!! Very sweet of you to say that!! :)


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