Sunday, July 26, 2015

Of Life & Passion

It’s been a weird week, and an even weirder weekend. And not even the good kind of weird. I spent the week feeling sick, and the weekend in bed, literally sleeping more than 16 of my last 24 hours. Something just doesn’t seem right y’all.

And the time that I am awake, has been spent in a stupor of a crazy headache, along with that annoying thing of randomly hearing my heartbeat in my head. Oh ya, that’s a thing now. I’ll go into THAT some other time.

But the reason the stupor doesn’t seem to be lifting is because there are a gazillion questions which are buzzing around in my head. You know the kind that haunted us during our quarter life crisis? But I’m supposed to be way past that damned landmark crisis by now.

So what the hell, head?!

What are you passionate about?

It’s one of those questions that has haunted me my entire life, I now feel. It’s been asked by some very close people. One had actually said to me, the fact that there is nothing that I am so passionate about, that I would care enough to be weighed down by, means I have nothing to hold on to, and no reason to stay. And that’s scary.

Heck, it even led to a tattoo one day.

But the simple fact is, what are you passionate about?!

People swear by soccer, by cooking, music, or dance, things they can escape to, things they escape for.

Sure, I love a lot of things, but not all the time, not all day.
Even my blog is about anything and everything all the time. I can’t think of a better representation of my life than that!

But does that make me completely disconnected and abnormal, or just like every second person, so completely normal?

And I’m not sure which answer, is worse.

So tell me, what are you passionate about?


  1. Hi Shreya! Nice post. Reading about passion is as exciting as pursuing it.
    I love to read, write and listen just anything. And yes cycling!
    Hope you like my blog

    1. It's awesome that you have so many things to be passionate about! I envy you! :)

      Will definitely be checking your blog out!

  2. I'm passionate about reading, reading and then reading some more :)

    1. Duudde.... What about chocolate?!? :D

  3. Ahem. I once brought it down to the fact that I live in my little bubble with few people I like and care for (or am passionate about) and I'm indifferent to most other things in the world. There's nothing that excites me and there's definitely nothing that holds my interest long enough for me to be passionate about. Sad, maybe.

    And do I need to say that the timeline still runs in parallel? :)

    1. Hahah...uncanny isn't it?
      But you've accepted it? And figured that's fine? Sad, maybe. But maybe it's liberatingly awesome!! :P

    2. It's a way to limit the extent to which it bothers me. :)


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