Tuesday, January 3, 2012

So What’s the Craziest Thing You’ve Done Lately?

You might have asked yourself that question on a day you were bored out of your wits. Or after watching The Girl Next Door. Or simply reminiscing the past.

But whatever the case may be, nothing, believe me nothing, prepares you for the day your Mom asks you that question.

Now, you would imagine your Mom being troubled by how crazy and wild you’ve been, and hence asking it. In fact I do remember my Mom’s last ‘talk’ with me before I headed off for my MBA to a slightly, let’s say, notorious college. Her exact starting sentence was, “With your sister, I didn’t worry, but you, you’ve always had a slight wild side…”. And I guess I have over the years given her more reasons to worry than my sis, so it was all cool. So the question really shouldn’t have shocked me, right?

Except my mom wasn’t worried about my wild escapades, she was more worried about the sudden lack thereof.

If your face just contorted into a huge ‘O’ with a thought in your head that just sounded something like ‘Whhoooaaa????’…well…I know.

Background perhaps, would help.

I have spent most of my life in Delhi, in let’s say a pretty conservative modern family (as weird as that sounds, you would be surprised by how many of them exist). So that also means I have had, let’s say constructive discussions with my family which usually ended up with my parents giving me a stern ‘No’, and me being all grouchy and pouty in my room. I was also called a rebel by them a few times. Though with all due respect to my parents, I really was a good kid, given what rebels of our generation really are.

But I did have my share of fun. I did have a group of random crazy friends, throughout school and college. I did colour my hair red randomly on an impulse. I did make out with a 007 Pierce Brosnan poster in the middle of Barista on a dare. I did sit on the Metro floor and sing songs. I did walk through the most beautiful misty foggy roads of North Campus in the middle of the night. I did attend parties. I did dance till the DJ stopped. I did get a tattoo and only told my mom after. I did smell a ghost.

Though mind you, through all that, I also slogged and studied my ass off.
But it was kind of worth it.

And well, now, I crib about work, am literally always tired, I sleep on weekends and decided to sleep early on New Year’s Eve. My hair style has been constant for like a year, and the colour has remained its natural self. Tattoo #2 has not yet made its appearance, nor has a belly button ring. I seem to have disappeared from the world, become anti-social, reticent, and I seem to be liking it.

In my mom’s words, I’ve started behaving like an old maid.

Well, maybe I have grown up.
Or maybe it’s just the calm before the storm.
Or maybe, you just don’t know  ;)

P.S. Dear Mum, I’m guessing this post didn’t make you feel any better than you did before…but don’t worry… All is well :D

Err...a little warning never hurt anyone, now did it?


  1. so the old shreya is just out there somewhere,is it???waiting sliently....for the perfect opportunity...to make her move and shock your mom all over again???:-D

  2. what was your answer to her? What does tattoo #1 look like?

  3. @Jishnu - Thank you!! :D :D :D

  4. @Rahul - Let's hope, for my mum's sake, that that's not true!!! ;)

  5. @Life Unordinary - Aaah...well....don't worry, all's ok...I do still meet people...just growing up...all that :P

    And the tattoo's a bit of randomness on my lower back, could mail u a pic if you want!! :)

  6. pleeeze don't give me a high voltage shocker any more - am getting too old to survive one. but yes, i would welcome the lively, talkative somewhat insane,somewhat impulsive, and a very very focussed shreya back .
    ps- please don't grow up so fast. makes me feel old! :D

  7. Hehehehe....I'm still all of those things...just dont think I show it as much....I'll try mommy!!!! :) :) :)

  8. I hope the OLD MAID like thing, is just a phase.
    You will be back to being jovial and hyper! :D

  9. You sure had fun and as Red Handed said, just a phase...

  10. @Red Handed - Aaah well...I'm still to understand whats wrong with being nice n sweet n well behaved. Then again, someone goes ahead and reminds me that I'm 24. Ooops.

  11. my comment didn't get saved, i have a doubt u deleted it :D. its ok i can write again otherwise u might think that i just voted without reading ur post ;)

    loved it and now i m going to write a similar post. cannot help it, i m a copycat. ll come back later to copy some content from ur post :D

  12. I understand...

    - your mom. :)

    PS: I've a daughter too..so..go figure.


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