Tuesday, May 22, 2012

For the love of heels!

Image Courtesy: www.tresmode.com

So here’s the deal, I’m 5’6”…and apparently for a girl in India, that’s really tall. Mostly because I’m as tall as a lot of men around me. I’d say that reflects on the men rather than me, but seriously, who cares.

What this usually means is that any and every time I choose to wear heels, I get a lot of questioning looks.

“But why do you need heels? You’re already so tall!”

I’d like to tell the girl at that time that she’s just jealous, but instead I might as well let her know why I actually wear heels.

  • When living in Mumbai, heels are a good way of staying elevated above the muck in monsoons...though it might just be the end of your beloved heels
  • When living in Delhi, heels serve as a good weapon in case a guy is getting a little too close for comfort
  • The above two points can be geographically interchangeable
  • Heels make your legs look way slimmer, and way longer...though not half as anorexic as the chick in the pic above
  • It does good things for other parts of your body as well ;)
  • Clothes just somehow look better with heels
  • When you really don’t want to go anywhere else with your boring company, you can just make a girly face and say, “Oh but I can’t…I’m wearing heels!”
  • You feel a little more Carrie Bradshawish…so what if I don’t have my own column in the paper? I can at least have the Manolo’s!
  • Ok, so I obviously can’t afford Manolo’s, but Tres Mode, Aldo and Charle’s and Keith are totally the Third World’s Manolo Blahnics!
  • People have at times complained that I can be intimidating thanks to my apparent lack of social skills and lack of want of the same.  And with heels even more so. Win-win, I tell you!
  • Plus at the end of the day, they’re just oh so pwetty!!!
P.S. Yes, I’m in a girly mood. I’m allowed sometimes.
P.P.S. No, there is no underlying larger than life meaning to this post.
P.P.P.S. Yes, bullet points, I missed them! :)


  1. haha :D true that !
    All clothes just somehow look better with heels :)

  2. 5'6 is a great height & heels would be oh-so-prefect :)

    I mean people are just insecure about the height, but you go girl! Flaunt it off :D

  3. @Serendipity - Hai na??

    @Confused Soul - Thank you thank you...I plan to do exactly that! ;)

  4. I always wear flats or very slight heels if any and never ever pointed ones...Psst! I cannot balance myself and am sure to fall on my face...But yes, they do look good and have your share of fun :D

  5. @jaish_vats - I can't wear them all the time either...and well....balance is definitely affected....but i guess....No pain no gain, haan?

    @phatichar - I shall keep that in mind! Specially the next time I feel like writing about my Hattori Hanzo :P

  6. I loved the third bullet point. And you are tall and what a great asset it is...

  7. Liked the take on heels.
    A thing of beauty is joy forever.

  8. @Saru - Thank you!! Well..I do like being tall :)

    @Smi - I know...till it kills your knee and back :P

  9. hahaha. i fall under the category of guys who are vertically challenged.

    my slogan whenever i meet a tall girl is - 'you are not taller than me, you are just wearing hills :D'

  10. @Debajyoti - Arre even if she is taller...who cares?!!

  11. Heels add a touch of sophistication and is of immense benefit specially at crowded places! Absolute necessity :D

    And I superlike the last point.

    Oh, and I forgot to mention, I totally loved this post !

  12. @Sohini - Totally completely agree!!! Thanks a ton for stopping by!! :)

  13. Yeahhhhh! You're right! 5'6 is considered tall in India..

    I remember the time I went to India (I'm an Indian living in Canada for the past 15 years, basically since I was alive)

    I'm about 5'4, and my aunts, and uncles thought I was tall. And in my head, I was like.. wow really? I've always thought that I was a short person.

  14. Just wondering, if I should look at the heels or the tights.

  15. @Kiara - So are Indians short in general? Seriously?! I genuinely wasn't aware of that!! Wow!

    @Shalu - Well...since that pic isn't mine but borrowed, you can choose to stare at either ;)

  16. Well, yeah, they are a bit shorter. It's mostly the women though. I was taller than all my girl cousins in India, and I'm really not that tall.


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