Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Vacation Diaries - 3

I was drenched, for the nth time that day. Every time I felt I’d had enough of the rain, it rained some more. It was luck testing my patience, in a way she’s truly a master at. But I wasn’t going to give her the satisfaction. Not this time.

The lightening made me look around the dingy hole I was sitting in. A scrap yard almost, built in the corner of the lanes housing some of the most happening places in Singapore. Yet here we were, sitting on discarded chairs, looking out at the boats dancing in the shimmering lights of the boat quay.

He let out a breath of smoke, the calm clearly spreading across his face. His face. He had changed, a lot. But then, so had I.

He breathed deeply again. I smiled, remembering how much I detested smokers. And how cruelly my life seemed to revolve around them.

For once, it was a relief, to not care.

It had been a long day. My feet hurt. My vacation was nearing an end, and the next day, I was heading back to everything I had run away from. And all I had was this, this moment, of looking out at the lit up sky, listening to the drunken laughter in the air, the sounds of music from the clubs throbbing at the back of my head, the rain thrashing against the make-shift roof we sheltered under.

We talked of our lives in the last thirteen years. We laughed at memories of games played back in sixth grade, looked surprised at how much people had changed over the years, and yet smiled, knowing, that so had we.

There’s a comfort in talking to strangers that can never be found in those close to ourselves, those who care. There is a sense of freedom in finally relaxing and being who you’re most comfortable being, because you know you really couldn’t care less. Because right now, at this moment, with this person you've met after years and will never meet again, it just doesn't matter. There is relief, in having no expectations, of making no explanations, in just, being.

We talked, some more, of lives which had never crossed paths and never will. He smiled, and took a deep drag. I smiled, remembering how much I detested smokers.

And it rained, through the night.


  1. I really like the way you've narrated this one. :)

  2. @RB - I thought you might. Because you would know what the state of mind I'm talking about.

  3. Hi Shreya,

    Quite true, there is a different feel in talking with a stranger. You can literally keep talking for hours once you know that the stranger is of a mindset which you prefer.

    Looking forward to more diary entries of your vacations.



  4. well hope you talked after the night tooo ..

    and talking ot strangers is goood I have met some strangers who are actually good friends Now


  5. @Jay Singh - I completely agree. Or even if he is of a different mindset, it can make interesting conversation.

    @Bikramjit - That's good. Though I feel as a girl from Delhi, there are so many people I may have missed out on, simply because my brain screams about not talking to strangers!

    1. You are right better to be careful then be sorry later.. and good especially since it's Delhi.. good girl..


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