Friday, October 13, 2017


That feeling of hadness.
The inevitable low after the high.
That moment when everything is so beautiful, so perfect that you walk around with a smile on your face. But it falters, by just a fraction, as you begin to feel the tiny weight of a nagging feeling, tugging at a corner of your heart you’d have preferred stayed in the dark.
But the feeling grows, feeding off of your happiness, slowly but surely.

The feeling of hadness.
The feeling of fairy lights and balconies and perfect moments.
Moments never meant to be, moments that won’t be.
The feeling trying to tell you, that the happiness you feel right now, will soon be something you had.

The feeling when you wonder
Is this the last hug, the last look, the last smile.
The feeling that this will all be over.
The feeling warning you
To steel yourself
For the emptiness ahead.


  1. hmmmM ! .. Sure have lived through the feeling of Hadness ! ..

  2. What if u never reached the high, the smiles, the happiness.
    Hadness better than the what if & the emptiness?


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