Saturday, February 18, 2012

First Love

She entered her new office, impeccably dressed, sharply focused, ready to slog and start the career she had always dreamt of. The cynic had murdered the romantic years ago, and had defined every step leading her to this moment, this interview. The door opened, and she stood up to shake hands with her future husband.

P.S. Ok, so 55-fiction can be a little addictive, and am in no mood for quality control whatsoever :D


  1. A moment can twist our fate beautifully.

    Wonderful lines.

  2. seriously 55 fiction is addictive ! i keep building up stories inside my head in between my studies . . what the heck :) check out mine

  3. believe me...the best one i've ever read... :)

  4. @Vyankatesh - I know...tell me about it.

    @Rohini - Thanks!! :)

    @Maliny - I hoping to get back to normal blogging soon!!! I read your blog quite regularly by the way :)

    @Phatichar - Well...getting pampered at its good :)

    @CYNOSURE - Wow. Thank you!!!

  5. Am genuinely all appreciation!

  6. Congrats, you got an award!


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