Friday, February 3, 2012


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I’m not completely sure what’s happening. It’s one of those days, when everything gains utmost importance and you end up caring about none of it. When your thought process slows down, but everything around you speeds up. It’s like you think you’re speaking slower than normal, typing at a normal speed, but when you look at your fingers, or listen to your words, it all seems faster than normal. It’s like being stoned, just that, it’s nothing like being stoned.

It's a day when all around you is moving around, oh so fast, while you stand rooted to the spot, and feel the sand slip from under your feet.

It’s one of those days where you wish not to day dream, but you do just that.

It’s a day when you wonder what it would be like, if at that very moment, you shut down your laptop, messaged your boss that you quit, switched off your phone, and disappeared. No notice period, no questions, no answers. If you just took off, with the tiny amount of money in your bank account, and got onto the next train to goa, or leh, or maybe…home.

It’s a day when you wonder if that’s what quitting is about. Or if that’s what courage is all about.

It’s a day when you think about life as you would have liked it to have been, a job that you actually enjoyed, a hobby that was given importance and a dream that wasn’t considered fantasy. It’s a day you want to read but can’t concentrate on the words. A day you want to write, but have no coherent thought to pin down.

It’s a day when your dream is all about hope, and in you there’s none. Or maybe it’s a day that you realize there still is hope, for you still manage to day dream.

It’s a day when there’s just too much in your head, but no ability to understand it. It’s a day you want to cry, without any reason to. Or drink, with even less reason. Or celebrate, with absolutely nothing to celebrate.

Or maybe just run. As fast as you can. As far as you can. Just because you can.

It’s a day to do something reckless. Because that’s what you really want.

It’s a day to forget logic.

Or maybe, it’s just a day, to just go home and sleep it off.


  1. Wonderful narration.

    Maybe, it's a day when bliss seems to be a distant reality, but wants to be a close companion.

  2. Some days, sleeping the feeling off is the best thing to do :)

  3. @Vyankatesh - Thank you. And I couldn't agree more.

    @Serendipity - That is eventually what I did...but that doesn't stop you from wondering...what if...?

  4. Yes..totally understand that feeling. Well written, S..very well written. :)

    Will return for more. Take care.

  5. It's a day when I leave a comment.. It's a day when I say "not a nice post"

    Cheer up..

  6. @Phatichar - It's good to know others have been through it as well :)

  7. @Raja - Oh well..we all have our days!!! Whatodo :)


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