Tuesday, September 4, 2012


In some ways, this is a continuation to Fate. But then, if you ask me, I don't believe it is. Sometimes, it's all about believing. And I don't believe this is how Fate ended.

Two souls brought into this world
Meant to be, meant to be
Lost faith and yet found each other
And made their own destiny.

But with sunshine came the clouds
The rain not far behind
The moon hid forever
In darkness, they collide

He let the dark consume him
And waited for her to find
But where hope is deep imbedded
Life cannot be lived blind

The dark she couldn’t bear
The light was not his home
Separated by unsung boundaries
Entombed in their little dome

Never once did he ask her
Why she chose the light over dark
Never once did she tell him
Her darkness had left a mark

Never once did she ask him
What made his words sway
Never once did he tell her
He never meant it this way

Thrown together by destiny
Torn apart by fate
They struggled with each other
And within, each day

Belief can be confusing
For those who choose to believe
Enlightening and full of hope
Before it chooses to leave

What they never understood
Fate and destiny only go so far
Once brought together
Hold on, or be flung afar

Cruel is fate’s humour
Cursed from the start
Some things are meant to be
Some meant to fall apart.

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