Wednesday, February 27, 2013

How to lose me in 10 ways...

There is a lot I can endure, and a lot I can probably smile and let go of. But simply put, there are some non-negotiables, always. So you could look like Tom Cruise, talk like Johny Depp, sound like Bryan Adams, write like Jug Suraiya, and fulfill all the requirements I had listed earlier, but if you do any of the following, forget packing your bags, you may never unpack to begin with.

  1. Tell me you have no interest in food, and it’s simply a necessity to live each day. Cut your food portions in half to watch your health. Think that a romantic meal means a dinner at my favourite restaurant for me, followed by a stop at a vada-pav-dosa stall for you. Order separate dishes and don’t share food. Be a vegetarian.
  2. Tell me while I’m fine now, you’d be completely turned off if I gained weight. Don’t get me wrong, I understand gaining weight can never be a good thing. But there’s this lil thing called loving me no matter what, like, ring a bell?!
  3. Have bad grammar. Mind my correcting your grammar.
  4. Smoke.
  5. Drive like a maniac, don’t know how to reverse park.
  6. Ask me why I need so many shoes.
  7. Pat my head and not consider me worthy of discussing your life and job problems with.
  8. Think it’s alright to say things to me and call me names and justify it with your anger. If you can’t keep your head at your worst, don’t bother being sweet to me at your best. And if you can’t accept me for who I am, well, don’t.
  9. Tell me I won’t understand.
  10. Tell me you love me, but, I don’t fit into your plan right now. I’m sorry, if you don’t love me enough to want to be with me right now, at this moment, or if your plan is worth losing this moment with me, good bye.


  1. Wish you a bf who understand these 10 points!

  2. Whoa! One toughie you are, aren't you? :P Anyway, it is good to have all these non-negotiables (especially the food part :P)and I wish you get a guy who understands these stuff and accepts you as you are :)

    Until later,
    Keirthana :)

  3. Hey,
    I just dropped by to say that you have been awarded “Creative Blogger Award” at Honoured - The Undefined World

    Until later,
    Keirthana :)


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