Monday, March 18, 2013

The Awww-topsy

You know, there are some awww-inducing things in this world… those things guaranteed to make all women go awww and melt right there in their seats like a vanilla softy on a bright April day in Delhi. And this latest life insurance TVC is an amazingly classic example of that.

Don’t get me wrong. I loved that ad. And I went awwww just about every five seconds in it. And that in a one and a half minute ad, is well, a lot of awwwws.

But what that really made me think about is why did it make me react that way? Why did I go all dreamy eyed looking at that ad? Why is it, that the thought of a chivalrous protective man is something that turned me into a gooey mess of lovey-dovey-ness?

That, when I’d like to believe I live in a growing world of feminists, when life is all about being a strong and independent woman, and scorning at anyone who dares to imply otherwise. There’s a weird pressure on all girls today. In a world where oppression is something to revolt against, girls are taught early on in life they’re equal to men, and then spend the rest of their lives making sure the world knows it.

And yet, along come the Edward Cullens and Christian Greys, who pull out a chair for their women, and tell them what to do… and BAM!, you have a world full of swooning young girls, waiting to be rescued from this planet full of un-chivalrous mere-men who might actually let you make your own decisions. As Susan from Desperate Housewives (Yes, I watch that show, do you have any clue how screwed up funny it is?!) once put it, “It’s in our genes to fall for men who rescue us.”

When four successful women in Sex and the City spend 99% of their time talking about their perfect man, maybe we really have something to think about.

Because what that really leaves us, is shit confused. Because now, when someone runs forward to help me open a rather heavy door, I find myself smiling like a silly girl, and then reminding myself that I was perfectly capable of opening it myself, even if with some trouble. And yet, when a friend drops me off home late at night, I actually turn around to check if he waited till I reached the lift safely, and feel a tinge of disappointment when I see the departing tail lights of the car instead.

So dear men, I really really feel bad for you sometimes. If even half the girls around you are anything like me, am guessing you’re dealing with a world of mixed signals and emotions that even they themselves don’t fully understand. Because you see, all we really want is the perfect man, who looks like a Greek god, behaves like an English gentleman, talks like a poet, understands us like our best girlfriends, and somehow over and above all of that, appreciates us, loves us, and tolerates us, and makes us go awwww. 

Once every five seconds, apparently.

We-ell...good luck.


  1. I am similarly confused. Do like the idea of a chivalrous man, but in reality I do not look for any kind of such gestures. I am happy managing everything myself.

  2. @RB - Now see, I'd melt knowing the guy is protective. And be infuriated if he's over-protective. And how many men would actually know the difference between the two?!!

  3. When I Saw the ad..i was also like awwww...i also want this type of PERFECT MAN

  4. My grandpa was the perfect man, so is my uncle... But are there any more left in our generations? I have yet to meet one.

  5. I was in the Metro the other day and this lady was lugging a couple of heavy duffel bags. So when a man alighting at the same station offered to carry one of them, he got the curt reply, "Phir aage jaake kya hoga wo hume bhi pata hai." And she hurried off.
    Actually one can't blame her, considering the situation of today's world. :)

  6. @Bhawna Jha - Hahaa...see...and does he exist?!

    @PeeVee - Chivalry is a dying trait, I'd say. And there's a thin line between chivalry and chauvinism, sadly.

    @Sushmit - Well, that's really sad. But I do know I'd be shit scared the moment a stranger was friendly to me in Delhi. It's sad, really.

  7. IMHO, there is just a thin line. As well as we go Awww when guys do such nice things for us, we obviously get irritated when they overdo it.

    For me, the gesture means more than anything else the guy would do and that's what I see in the ad. :)The gesture shows that the guy respects me, cares for me!

    True that the guys are dealing with a very thin line in this aspect and yeah good luck to them ;)

    Until later,
    Keirthana :)

  8. Awwwww...even I went all gooey, on first watching the video, and then reading your post. Luckily, I have that kind of a perfect man in my life who understands the feminist in me and doesn't overstep the line :D

    Oh btw, you have been nominated for Liebster Award, here:
    Congrats! Keep up the good work :)

  9. Yup I loved the ad and the tune is very very hummable! % stars!

  10. The guys are confused too, believe me. The girls are more independent now and a lot of them do not like this chivalry streak in men. We really don't know how much is too much.

  11. The 'awww' factor comes into picture when someone you care for and love does it to you, not because of chivalry..if you see the ad too, it's about men who 'care' and love for their women.

    I'd do these things not just to my wife, but also to my parents, siblings or even friends, other humans, and to my own kids (or any kid for that matter).

    It's not called chivalry. It is called being sensitive. :)

  12. "Jo zimmedari nibhate hai, jataate nahin "

    Golden comeback for the next argument!

  13. Now that's true that we always dream of the perfect man who makes us go awww every 5 seconds and gives goosebumps with his simple things.....
    But we eventually stumble upon the imperfect man who ultimately makes us the perfect Woman and fall or rather rise in love for him......

  14. a perfect man or woman is all about mutual physical beauty and beautiful mind.if we compare a person by summation of each trait of celebrities,then it would be a robot programmed according to your liking.perfect partner is about having basic ethics right and sensitive to other's emotions.

    when it comes to my gf,i give her all the freedom to express herself better,aren't we educated to express ourselves better instead of being intriguing without transparency in our behavior.only this way a person can be better understood and can be happy with all affection that comes from whole-hearted nature.

    i din't watch video coz it would be silly to imitate others when it comes to emotions and relationships.

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