Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Tough Luck

“Hey Bitch!” he screamed as she turned away. “You and I have a score to settle, don’t you think?”

Karma raised a bored eyebrow at him, before settling right back into her work. Infuriated at this obvious display of indifference, he started down the stairs towards her, with eyes flaming with a madman’s purpose. He managed to take four steps before he felt his foot slip, and with a silent scream landed on his back, a sickening crunch resounding through the air as he slid all the way down to her feet in a painful mess.

She looked down at him, bored as ever, and said, “Oops.”


  1. Karma never loses or fails!!! and yes she is a bitch.

  2. ooops .. indeed.. serves him right


  3. Karma might be a bitch but she just does her job without any bias.

  4. @Priyank - I know that first hand!

    @Red Handed - If only there was a way to beat her!

    @B - Maybe :P

    @Keirthana - Hahaha!! True That!!!

  5. Ouch! Karma is a bitch :D


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