Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Duel

She stared at me, her eyes moving slowly between mine and the weapon in my hand. Time had slowed to a standstill, and at that moment we both knew, only one of us will make it out alive. And I had no intention of leaving just that soon. From the corner of my eye, I saw her raise her hand slightly, but before she could rethink her action, with a swishing sound, I brought my right arm swinging down at her, and the impact resonated through the room.
Two screams sounded out, hers, of shock, mine, of disgust.

I dropped my weapon and ran out of the room, unable to look at my handiwork.

The next day, calmer, I came back, with reinforcement, but the body was nowhere to be found, only a damaged part left behind.

That’s when the real horror of the situation struck me.

Right now, at this very moment, there’s probably an injured angry tail-less lizard, biding her time, plotting revenge, and waiting for me.


  1. uncanny this...there is blood on my hand too...and an unspoken combat rule to be followed with zero tolerance: never leave till you have finished the job at hand.

  2. Where was this warrior when she was needed in Dapoli??

  3. Hahahahahah best tha ye.... Am sure she is ready to take revenge...

  4. hahahahah who could have thought of this but you! hahahahahha

  5. Well well! What hatred you must have to so ruthlessly describe the incident!!!

  6. now i wonder what the lizard is plotting :) hope you tell us when that happens toooo


  7. Hahahaha! Never thought it would turn out this way :)

  8. And that's why you don't mess with the reptile!

  9. @Shubha Mausi - Lesson well learnt!

    @Priyank - The warrior didn't have the thought of the lizard running into the wardrobe with all their favourite clothes in Dapoli!

    @Swamini - Ab whatodo :(

  10. @Red Handed - Now toh stuck, whatodo!

    @Sunshine - Of all the people, I know YOU understand that hatred!!!

    @Bikram - Let's hope we never ever find out!!!

    @Keirthana - Neither did I :(

    @Nyukeit - But they're taking over my damned life!!!!!!

  11. That was a lovely twist you brought to the tale :) Btw, I hate lizards!

    1. I always love meeting other lizard haters!! They understand me :P


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