Wednesday, July 5, 2017

5 Seconds

The alarm pierces through my agitated dream, disguised as a respite, an escape from the world of nightmares that seems to play havoc in my head all night long.
And just as I try to concentrate on my cellphone screen, the numbers burning bright, the annoying tone ringing ever clearer, the real world of nightmares begins to hit.

5 seconds is all it takes.
To decide between switching it off, or hitting the snooze button.
Hoping for some respite, even if temporary.
5 seconds to decide.
To think of a purpose.
A reason to get up.
Some passion, a dream.
There has to be something.
Something compelling enough to make me open my eyes wide and get up.
And look forward to living this day.
And not just getting through it.

5 seconds can be the longest time ever.
When you’re searching for something that doesn’t exist.
When you’re grabbing at air.
And so you hit the snooze button.
And hope for respite.

Even if temporary.

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