Thursday, February 23, 2012

Down the Rabbit Hole

Dreams can sometimes be more devastatingly disturbing than we give them credit for.
I dreamt last night, that I had died. 
And life was beautiful again.

Given that this blog is all about hope, maybe I'll come back when I have some.


  1. Ummeed pe duniya kaayam hai, mohtarma... :P

    *thumbs up.* :)

  2. Hey, waittaminnut - are you planning to quit this blog as well?

    Ohh, man. NO. :(

    So, first it was quits from the Gab. Now from life unlimited.

    I only hope your next blog won't be user-restricted and called 'private limited'.'s the back? :)

  3. @Phatichar - quitting this blog...a break perhaps...till I'm feeling a bit more positive and hopeful.
    Back's a lot better, given the amount I've been chilling...thanks for asking!! :)

  4. and why did you have to write something so depressing. Yes it requires talent..but still :(
    You are a chirpy person!! May you find the hope you are looking for soon!

  5. @Red Handed - I hope so too! It returns in weird spurts :)


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