Monday, July 23, 2012

Dance Diaries

So ever since I was a kid, I really liked to dance.

No, I wasn’t that kid who danced at every function for everyone’s entertainment and parents’ pride. But I was definitely that kid who enjoyed dancing. Even if I couldn’t.

Ever since I remember, I wanted to learn how to dance. In summers, winters, any time humanly possible. My school decided my artistic talents were much more important to follow, and decided my path in that direction. Out of the school, there just weren’t opportunities at the time.

And then came the studies, and more studies, and then some more. And then work. And well. Funny how many reasons there end up being for a person to NOT dance.

Well, that was all of the last 24 years.

Now, I’m back home. The opportunity arose. And I grabbed it.

No studies, no working weekends, no excuses.

There have been two classes thus far. Two very long classes. Five hours, that made me feel very very old, and very very unfit.

For one, at 24, apparently my body doesn’t believe in exercise anymore. So while the instructor is pushing my legs wider apart into what should one day hopefully turn into a split, my body is literally screaming at me for torturing it, and my mind is conjuring up images of a very comfortable bed to cozy into with a book.

And then I look around and see all these teenage girls looking at me with eyebrows raised. On my first day, one walked up to me and asked me what class I was in. When I told her I was working, her exact words were, and I quote, “O-M-G!”

Apparently, it’s no longer cool to say full words.

The next day as I waited for my ride home, these two skinny girls in hot pants looked at me suspiciously and asked not-so-subtly, “How old are you?”. My response was followed by a “Woowwww….”

So there I stand, in a class filled with tiny kids dressed to kill, kids who have been dancing for some time, and have a lifetime left to dance some more. And I stand there, huffing and puffing, trying to keep up, and hoping I don’t pass out due to dehydration.

But I dance.

Because for those two hours, my mind goes blank. All those worries of the whole week, all those feelings, emotions, hurt, pain, disappointment, anxiety…for those two hours, everything disappears. For those two hours, all I’m aware of is myself, my body, my movements and the music. Every pain caused by a stretch in the muscle is a welcome change to the pain caused by a stretch of the mind. Every step not understood is a challenge more motivating than office politics. Every step finally achieved is success, as tiny as it might be, finally. Every emotion not felt, is joy, pure and simple.

And then, at the end of two hours, I step out, tired and sweaty, and the waves of emotions hit me, yet again.

Until next week.


  1. This is most excellent!! All these working weekends are bogging me down too! Envious!

    What dancing are you doing? Pls tell me it's something kickass :)

  2. @Silver Mist - Frankly, given the pain I'm feeling the next day, I'm thankful it isn't anything kick-ass!!! It's just a funk-jazz technique class with Danceworx, which is seriously making me doubt my dancing skills. Oh well! It's still fun! :P

  3. Gosh I love dancing too.. And 24 is young too babe.. you can dance, flaunt it :D

  4. Have fun! ☺

    You can never be too old to dance!

  5. weren't you in bombay? :O

  6. @Confused Soul - I thought 24 was young too...but my muscles beg to differ!!! :P

    @Kiara - Let's hope that's true!! Thanks!!

    @Rishabh - I was...and now I shifted back home :)

  7. 24 years.. and u saying wowooo to that WAIT till you know how old I am .. I feeel GRANDFATHER knowing ur age now

    keep it up and keep dancing


  8. Wow, I admire your effort to give it a try. I wish I had something that I want like this that it will relieve me from the mind's devilish antics/troubles. Maybe if I try hard enough, I will find something :)


  9. Dancing to the tunes of life!

    Sorry, that's what popped up in my mind. I am proud, you are taking the classes. I can't dance and neither I have any inclination for it but I am ardent admirer of this form of art.

    Keep on following your heart!

  10. @Bikramjit - Hehehe...I sounds bad....but whatodo, today's generation is ageing early!!! :)

    @Keirthana - sure there would be something or the other!!! I wish I had more time for distraction :)

    @Saru - Thank you so much! am hoping to not chicken out :)


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