Tuesday, July 17, 2012

In or Out?

Sometimes in life, you have to put your foot down, and just make a decision.
Because there will come a time, when you’ll finally be tired of all the games, the songs, the reading between the lines.
Sometimes, it’s just nice to decide.
In or out.
It’s just that simple.
Or Out?

If in, then be in with all your heart, mind and soul. Don’t look at what’s happened, the mistakes made, the words said, the obstacles ahead. Be in, because this is what you want now, at this moment, and nothing else matters. Be in because this is where you see yourself in the future. Be in, because it is what you want, not someone else, just you. Be in, because this is what you need.

If out, then be out. Suddenly. Completely. Don’t sit on the fence. Don’t threaten to leave. Don’t turn back. Don’t leave and still poke and prod. Don’t participate in blame games. Leave because you think that is the best option. Leave, because you want to. Not because someone else told you to. Leave, because you need to.

And once decided, stick to it. For nothing is worse than a fickle mind. It plagues your body, and eats your soul. It creates fear and the possibility of ‘what-if’s’.

Just decide, for you will do that favour not to the whole world, not to your company, your family, not to him / her, or me, but to yourself.

Or out?


  1. Just deciding needs more than just yes or no ... it needs a little bit of each other as well .. but then it makes things not that simple ... does it ?????

  2. Just deciding needs more than just yes or no ... it needs a little bit of each other as well .. but then it makes things not that simple ... does it ?????

  3. Hi Shreya

    Nice post, but its much easier said than done. Very few can make decisions just like that. I am one of those who can brood for hours for as silly a decision as what to wear for a wedding the next day leave alone really serious stuff :D But yes, Its good to be with a plain -IN-Or-OUT attitude.

  4. More than just being decisive on the - In or out question, it does make sense to back yourself, your decision and tell yourself that there shouldn't be any regrets when the consequences start flowing in.

    As people above have pointed out - easier said than done.

    Looks like you've caught a blogging bug - the posts seem to be flowing.

    Cheers :)

  5. That was a strong post. How difficult the ins and outs get.. And all by your self, the choice seems harder!

    Good stuff :)

  6. to be or not to be, thats the question...

  7. http://imsri.blogspot.in/2005/04/just-do-it.html


  8. @Abhishek - Sometimes, too much of each other can spoil it. Decide. Or the other will do it for you.

    @jaish-vats - I know. I wrote this mostly trying to convince myself to do it. Because I've been all over the place with my decisions for a lot of things in life. I wish I could decide. And then choose to not repent!

    @Atrocious Scribblings - But how does one make sure there aren't any regrets? Isn't that the fear that stops us from making a decision to begin with?! I know, it's damn difficult.

    @Confused Soul - I know! I just hope we all have it in us to actually choose! Thank you!

    @deeps - Aaah, well, yes, eternally.

    @phatichar - Hai na?

  9. Out would turn out to be IN later on. That's how things work. You realize the value of a relationship when you start losing it. And then, you would do everything to get back in. So sticking to a mere word won't help, just follow your heart :)

  10. @Vinesh Balan - Well, I do agree that happens rather often. Except when your 'out' turns into 'in', just make sure it doesnt turn to 'out' again. And again. And again. Some decision is required!


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