Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Storm before the Calm

The rain outside drowned in the silence within. She felt the drops of water trace slow paths down her body, carving a sculpture in their own might, her clothes sticking to her drenched skin, protecting her, torturing her, slowly. She could hear the clouds rumbling in some far off world. She could hear her heart beat, her raspy breath, her dress moving against her skin. She could hear him.

Not a word had been said.

She cast a glance at him. Drenched, he stood in a corner, half in the shadow of the solitary bulb flickering threateningly in the middle of the broken down shelter. She saw the light reflected in his tormented face, his lips, his eyes. His eyes. The distant hollow seas, once stormed with emotion, distant, and calm. He blew out the last of his smoke from the degraded cigarette and tossed it in a corner, the smoke lingering around, in a futile attempt to hang on. The silence was thick, omnipresent, welcome.

Their eyes met.

Gently, she reached out to him, and placed her shivering hand on his chest. Drops of water from his skin followed her fingers, making their way across before she could stop them. The thumping of his heart drowned out the last of the silence, as she felt herself pulled into his arms, shivering uncontrollably as his warmth permeated her cold skin. She inhaled sharply and closed her eyes. The world she believed in, had ceased to exist. All that lived was that moment, that touch, that oneness, that safety. That moment, when they realized they were no longer alone. That touch, to complete what their souls had known long ago…to complete each other, to be one, together, in each other’s arms. His hands were strong but gentle. His lips were probing, searching against her skin for a home once dreamt of. His skin amalgamated into hers, burning its way into hers, one, the way it was meant to be.

The storm that ensued put the rain to shame, as they spent the night in each other’s arms, clinging on to a hope they hadn’t known existed till then.

As the first rays of the sun shone through, their eyes met. His eyes. The seas tormented by the storm within, the calm long gone, hope struggling its way through.

She felt her skin, bruised, thriving, burning with the memories of the night before. She felt him within her, inside her, consuming her every breath. She knew then that she was his, completely, with the very last breath in her body. She saw him tip his head in her direction, and step out in the sun.

Life as she knew it, had cruelly altered its course.

And not a word had been said.


  1. Brillliantly awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!But I didnt understand the 'cruelly altered its course' part....Why 'cruelly'?

  2. Whoa! This was a stunning piece of writing! Agree with Rahul when he says, brillaintly awesome! Each word stuck, and stuck well!

    Leo @ I Rhyme Without Reason

  3. I randomly arrived on your blog, and with your one submission, wonderfully done!

    I have to say the connection between the first and second paragraph was beautiful. I felt at first that she was afraid of the person but then the later part of your story thrust me into recognizing him as a sort of "protector" and friend, and possible lover.

    I was sort of confused, but you do have silent words whispering to the reader, such as the last word on the second paragraph "welcome" as he was. So I think it helps with a silent support of words that you brought in here.

    It makes me think that the reader sees these two as strangers, and then with an off beat presentation finds them to be more. Wonderful.

    Sorry if I butt in on your blog.

  4. @Rahul - Thanks! Well, sometimes its just easier and less painful when you live in ignorance about what could be...

    @Leo - Thank you!!! :) *blushes*

    @Falling Universe - Wow. I think your comment was better than the plot ;) But ya, you got it almost absolutely right. And please feel free to butt in on my blog as much as you want!!! :D

  5. Na's good. Damn good!

    I just couldn't handle the 'hot'ness :-)


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