Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Last Molecule

I have been gone a long time. And I guess I owe my six loyal followers an update.
The past week has had my highest high, and my lowest low. What makes it worse is the fact that perhaps, my real lowest low is yet to come. And for once, putting it down in words just makes it worse.
My highest high came with the realization that home really is where the heart is.
The lowest low? The realization that the Pie was apparently not worth dying for after all.
The future lowest low?
Try being broken down by will. Try putting yourself back together, when you least want to.

And it’s ironic that today is the day I read this post by Atrisa. Today is the day I read about Hadness.

Today is the day I decide to wait.


  1. tch...tch....being one among the lucky six,i was expecting more..;-)

  2. @ Rahul - Sorry, we all have our depressing days!!!!


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