Tuesday, November 15, 2011

And the Bulb shines on like the Sun....

On a brighter note, because I have been advised to look at the brighter side of things, and not crib continuously, here’s me being all bright like a 100 watt bulb.

I now have the opportunity to travel cross country (actually just cross-Mumbai, but that’s worse than cross country, because frankly I would love to travel cross country) all the way from Andheri to Grant Road. That means I get to travel by that lovely mode of transportation called the local train. Now Captain believes that every person in this city needs to do a train stint at least once to be able to really be a part of this city. I pointed out I couldn’t care less about this city, I have done a brief train stint, and I already did a much hated Blue-line stint in Delhi, so frankly I already bid my time, and should just be allowed to skip all the grinding happening here. Captain laughed an evil laugh. Sigh. Evil laugh always wins, doesn’t it?

Now, the local train happens to be this beautiful place where you catch the sights and sounds of real Mumbai and the real people aka the common man. The way he lives. The way he breathes. The way he survives.

Also the way he ogles. And the way he sweats. And the way he’s everywhere. And too many.
Oh wait, optimism.
*Takes deep breath*
Let’s get back to that one later, shall we?

On a truly lighter note, I came back from Delhi to find I have a new flatmate who chooses to reside outside my kitchen. In the one week I wasn’t home, she nicely made her bed and got downright comfy. She also laid eggs. Captain said, “Ooooh, omelette!”. I was a little more skeptical. And my flat mate was downright in love.

And then Earl came. Name credit goes to flat mate.

Earl figuring out this awesome world where he gets to sleep on the drainage pipe
So now we wait, for the bloody things to grow and fly out, while they nicely dirty and stink up the place. And live off our ration.

I also named the next one in advance as Milly.

Except Milly seems to be a bit moody, and seems to be refusing to come into this bitter pessimistic world to begin with.

Sigh, Milly, it’s a tough world out here, but it’s really not that bad.
Because eventually you board the right ship, anchor at the right co-ordinate, and dance into the night with Captain.
And these are the words coming from sweet optimistic me.
Who nowadays just smiles like an idiot. And freaks the crap out of the common man on the train.
Oh beautiful world!


  1. Hmmm.. trying hard to be optimistic at 5:13 am? and then sharing it at 5:13 pm?

  2. It's a good thing Earl and Milly never have to travel by the local.

  3. @Spanish-o-man - Perils of sleepless nights, early mornings, and anti-blogging office policies.

    @Atrisa - Chances are they might get hit by one in stead. If Earl ever gets its ass of my drain. And Milly ever turns up.

  4. @Rahul - Yeah well...just Earl now, Milly never did turn up :(


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