Monday, May 21, 2012

It's Monday, but its OK!

It’s Monday morning.

And I’m in a bloody good mood.

I don’t know why. I don’t really care.

Bad, really bad things have happened recently. But some good things have happened in the past few weeks as well.

My sis and nephew were over for the weekend, and I had a good time troubling and hugging and not letting go of either of them.

On a day when all seemed to go wrong, when I really needed something good to happen to me, a friend from afar cheered me up by surprising me in a way I really hadn’t expected.

I realized I’m still capable of smiling and laughing and being happy, I just seem to forget it rather often nowadays.

I realized I have the ability to annoy someone to the extent that he has to run to his Zen place. But he smiles and lets me annoy him anyway.

I kicked someone’s ass in my dream last night. And I woke up and remembered that I used to be the person who could kick people’s asses if I wanted to. And the reminder of the knowledge of that ability made my day.

So lovely readers here's hoping you have a lovely blue-less Monday, and an even more amazing week ahead!

I shall, instead prepare for nervous pigeons, brain-less people, sudden houseless-ness and other usual stuff that continues to make my day.

Shit happens.

Oh well.

As a friend once said, “Yeh lo. Rat’s ass. That’s all I’ll give.”

Except, I really really really refuse to give even that.


  1. A cheerful Monday is a good start to a great week :D

    And is this coincidence.. we have the same name.. my niece was over for the weekend andI did the exact same things.. Yes I took someone's case in my dream last night :D

    haha I felt like I was reading my blog :P . ahaha anyway happy week to you :D

  2. @Confused Soul - Maybe we're blog-soul-sisters...or something like that. I'm quite sure I just completely made up that term. There! I patent it.

    And good! That means your mood would be as good as mine on this dreadful monday!!! :)

  3. Brilliant way to start the week - hope the good mood helps you tackle the pigeons, sudden houselessness and the brainless people.

    Cheers :)

  4. @Atrocious Scribblings - Here's hoping your hope comes true!!!! :)

  5. Hi

    Heres wishing you a super week ahead!

  6. It is very rare to find a blogger posting about a happy monday ;)
    Have a blast :)

  7. @jaish_vats - Wishing you the same as well! Thanks!

    @Serendipity - I know I know....Thought i'd be different for once :P

  8. @jaish_vats - Wishing you the same as well! Thanks!

    @Serendipity - I know I know....Thought i'd be different for once :P

  9. Ha ha..mazaa aa gaya padh ke.. :P

  10. @Phatichar - Good! Now I hope you have a sexy week! :D


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