Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Day the Music Died

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So you meet this new person who for whatever weird reason you’re stuck with / want to be stuck with and try to make all sorts of useless conversation which portrays you / him / her as interesting in a way that doesn’t make you want to pull your hair out by the end of the hour.

And after all the ‘aaahs’ and the ‘hmmms’ it eventually always comes down to this one question, a question that I have come to despise, a question from which there is no escaping.

“So what kind of music do you like?”

See, now my problem with the question starts with the simple premise that it seems to be based on. And since everyone seems to ignore that premise, I always find myself in a conundrum where I’m bored enough to talk through my teeth, and fumble around with two left feet.

So I say I like rock. To which he / she will obviously ask me which bands, what kind of rock etc. etc., and I’ll give him / her some basic prepared answers and he / she will nod and discuss the band members / albums / history with me. And then one of these happens:

“Oh have you heard that song?” or

“Oh you must listen to this blah-blah song by this blah-blah band. Here, I’ll play it on my i-pod / phone / whatever idiotic gadget for you.”

And this is when I pack up and leave.

And weirdly the above scenario played out multiple times is easier than to correct the simple premise where the person went wrong.

I don’t like music.

Actually, let me correct that, I have nothing against music. I have nothing for it either. I don’t run to music to improve my mood. I switched off music while studying. And I wouldn’t starve to frustration if I didn’t have access to music.

I can’t sing to save my life. And there isn’t a single musical bone in my body.

I don’t care for music.

Now this should be simple enough. You know, like people don’t like to dance, or don’t appreciate art, or something like that. But noooo…in stead I’m met with these shocked expressions and not very subtle question marks.

“But…how is that possible?! How do you live?! What do you do???”
“Err…I read. I write. I watch stuff?”

Nope. That is not an acceptable answer. Sowwy.

I could tell you that my singing would give donkeys some very serious competition. That when I had a television, I liked to wake up and dance to MTV break-free mornings while getting ready. That most of my knowledge of music is borrowed from songs I heard playing in the neighboring hostel / people’s cars / parties where I was too drunk to care what I was dancing to.

But that won’t really help my case I guess.

Because apparently I can’t just be a boring writer / reader / viewer.

Who doesn’t like any sports. Specially cricket.



  1. ha ha Funny...Dunno if you have ever watched Friends but there is one episode where one guy claims that he does not like ice cream and the entire episode is kind of based on that ha ha! I remember when I joined college, Rock was supposedly superior to Pop and the minimal knowledge of Back Street Boys and Boyzone that we had thanks to MTV was below average ! Sigh!

  2. When I read your post title, I started singing bye bye miss american pie lol.

    You probably like a genre of music that most people dont get. Like for example I dont like music which has lyrics in it. Meaning I dont like songs. What I do love is OSTs of Hans Zimmer and Thomas Newman. Like the back ground score of gladiator for example.

    You might like something just as weird like Psychedelic trance or something. Since you havent heard about it, you probably dont know you like it. I say this because I thought I hated music too ;)

  3. odd WOman out.. :)
    Keeps happening all the time..
    then you're called weird, strange, sanki, alien, ajeeb and other synonyms..
    What the majority likes, you have to like!! How can you not???
    No we are not individuals that way, we have a collective brain that has to have collective likes and dislikes. :D
    Or else you face the music. :)

  4. One word for you:


    I like certain songs but there ends my affinity, so I totally don't get why you'd want to spend 3 grand on a ticket to watch a guy make music with a million other drunk, sweaty people. I just don't get it.

    And people think it's blasphemy to say this about David Guetta.

    Ah well.

  5. @jaish_vats - Aaah yes...I love the way everyone says "Eeewww...Backstreet boys" yet all of them know the lyrics of all the songs!!! :D

    @The Narcissist - See...I don't hate music....I really dont...there are more than enough songs that I prefer over others....and songs that I sing in the privacy of my shower....I just don't like music as a way to pass time. Oh well!!!

    @Rohu - Nice play on words!!! :D But sadly so true :(

    @PeeVee - OR...SUNBURN dude!!! I was like...seriously? Am I supposed to be excited about it?!

  6. Yeah this sorta happens all the time.. The weirdest part is WHY SHOULD I KNOW about the singers and their history. I like a song. Period. To go yada yada bout it makes me sick!

    Heheh...Nice post! :D

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  8. @Confused Soul - Exactly!!!

    @Ruchi - Well, it had to come out some time!! ;)

  9. I can sing well, yet i don't feel like running to music for solace - howzzat for comfort :|

  10. @Phatichar - Not very surprising actually. I'm supposedly good at art. Can't stand it. ANOTHER thing people can't understand! Uff!

  11. How can you talk like that about "Acha sila diya tune mere pyaar ka.."
    I hereby disown you.
    By the way, its from Bewafaa Sanam by Sonu Nigam, I will lend you my iPod so you can appreciate music again.

  12. @Wanderlust - Dhanyavaad. My life was incomplete without that song. Really! :P


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