Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Butt of All Things

“You did the right thing, reporting this behavior.”
She sighed, feeling better after letting all her troubles off her chest. He assured her of the strictest action.
Smiling, he accompanied her to his cabin door.
“Don’t worry, we feel very strongly about sexual harassment.” And with a hand on her buttocks, he guided her out.


  1. aww man! Everywhere.. big talks small actions..

    you're doing great :)

  2. @Confused Soul - Am hoping that's not the story everywhere!! Thank you!

  3. This 55 marathon is getting better every day. Good One Shreya!

  4. On a 55 fiction Spree, I see.

    Good one this and you even kept up your promise :P.

    Cheers :)

  5. oh.. This is sad.. how can he .. but then telling u the truth i was expecting it , men in high chair ...


  6. wow, this one had quite an impact!

  7. @jaish_vats - Thank you! There's sadly been a gap, because I didn't have any access to my laptop...But should be back soon!!

    @AmitAag - Thank you so much!! I loved the one your wrote recently as well!

    @Phatichar - :)

    @Atrocious Scribblings - Thanks a ton!! I tried my best!! :)

    @Bikramjit - Well, sadly it's true half the time!

    @Sohini - Thanks!! :)


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