Wednesday, July 4, 2012

First Day(s)

Awkward much?

People either absolutely love or absolutely hate their first days. It could be a first day anywhere…at school, college, gym, office…

I don’t hate first days. But I do stress about them. I’m a creature of habit. I like knowing what I’ll find where. I like having predicted all possible outcomes of every step I take, and my exact reaction to each. Spontaneous, is not a word easily found associated with me.

And I don’t mind it, that’s just how I am, over-prepared.

But that also makes me over-cautious about every first day.

What’s worse, is a second first day, same company, different location.

First days anywhere are as awkward as your first day at school. Not your first day in kindergarten, mind you, when everyone was as lost as possible. But that first day you had to endure when you shifted schools in middle school, mid-term, mid-everything. When you were the only new one in this extremely crowded building, the only one lost in the chaotic crowd. And most importantly, with no one to spend your lunch break with.

It kinda gets worse when you’re grown up and in office. You’re expected to be intelligent, social and mature enough to be able to find lunch colleagues.

And if you’ve already been in the company for a while, you’re definitely NOT supposed to be lost.

Some of us, however, with all our social awkwardness and bad luck, don’t.

And you thought high school was bad.

Go figure.

P.S. It’s actually not that bad. I think I know more here than I knew at my old location, am actually slightly less lost here in two days than a year and a half in Mumbai. I just haven’t figured out the lunch buddies bit yet. Because I haven’t met PEOPLE yet. That should get sorted sooner or later :D

P.P.S. I am so so SO tempted (and not in a good way) to write ’company’ with a capital ‘C’. Damn you, gazillion reports that I have written! (XYZ Pvt. Ltd. hereafter referred to as ‘XYZ’ or ‘Company’…aaaarrrrggghhhh!!!) But I shall not give in….WILL POWER y’all!!!


  1. hahaha happy first day completion sweetz :D

    Well you'll fig out lunch buddies sooner.. for now be happy you don't have to share or get into major drama (if it makes you happy) :P . hehehe..

  2. I'm sure you'll find some lunch buddies ☺

    And, yeah! First days can be very very awkward. I remember when I once shifted schools. I was the only new person, not knowing where to go, feeling completely lost and insular.

    But in the end, it works out ☺

  3. @Confused Soul - Now there's the silver lining!!! :) Thank you!!!

    @Kiara - Hehe...I know, it's eventually going to be all fine!!! I just wish it'd be fine, sooner!!! :)

  4. Finding lunch colleagues does take some time, at first. I agree with your impressions about first days - sometimes anticipation and unknown combine to make the first day a challenge.

  5. @Anil P - Let's just hope the first day(s) get over soon!!! :)

  6. @phatichar - It got better after all!


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