Friday, September 16, 2011

The Dilemma of Involuntary Inclusion: Restroom Diaries

If your office/college/hang-out place has a rest room with multiple cubicles, well, read on, because I am very very sure you would have gone through what I am about to list below.
And if your office/college/hang-out place does not have a rest room with multiple cubicles, well, read on, because you opened my blog, and in general like to read me :D
Now the thing with multiple cubicles is, that there is enough roam space free for multiple activities, like chatting on the phone, dressing up or down, gossip with friends, and escape from the world outside. While I have no problems with any of the above, for it is a public loo at the end of the day, it isn’t always the best experience to be caught unawares in the middle of someone else’s innovative techniques of efficiently utilizing the rest room.

Situation 1:
You’re nicely sitting on the toilet seat minding your own sweet business when you hear the door outside open and a gaggle of giggly women enter. And they start to talk. You get up and are about to flush when you just happen to actually listen to a few words they’re talking about. And these are sadly the words that you manage to catch:
“It’s so frustrating….so small…can’t get it up…”
And there’s your sweet lil dilemma. Do you open the door and step out in the middle of the discussion openly declaring that you listened in on her better-half's certain…err…issues? So here's what your decision tree will end up like:

Situation 2:
You walk into the rest room and hear soft sobs coming from one of the cubicles. Now you’re caught up in a weird moral dilemma. Are you supposed to ask her what happened? But, isn’t she in the loo to make sure no one catches her crying? But isn’t she crying loudly in the hope that someone will hear her? Am I a bad human being?!?!

Situation 3:
You walk into the loo to either talk on the phone, gossip, talk about certain err..issues, or cry.

So kids, there’s really just one simple thing to be learnt here.
Use public  rest rooms only for the things they were meant for to begin with.
Because believe you me, everything else is just going to have that one simple result box as can be seen above.
And again, believe you me, not in the good way.

P.S. This is a fiction concocted out of a very fried mind. I haven't yet walked in/out on my boss, client, colleague, boyfriend's ex. But it could happen. You know.


Do let me know what you think!!!!

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